Kaysie Bekkela

Comedy · Writing · Dramaturgy

I am a Chicago based comedian.  I work as an improviser, performer, writer, director and producer on a number of different teams.  I received my degree in Dramaturgy/Criticism from the Theatre School at DePaul and a very fancy diploma from the Improv Program at Second City.  I'm currently working my way through the conservatory program at Second City.

Comedy:  My personal experience is a main source for creation. By putting my experiences in front of an audience we can all work through our shit. 

Writing: Surprise surprise! Most of my writing is comedic! I dabble in all forms of writing from stand up to personal pieces. Right now I'm working on a book I've created through snapchat.

Dramaturgy: I use my dramaturgical brain not to make actors packets, but to make my comedy and other work more conscious. Dramaturgy for me is interacting with the audience, knowing what they are experiencing when they watch a piece of work. I want to see when do they laugh, when they look away to check their phone and how they interact with a piece. Dramaturgy is the spine of how I function; inside my head there is always a tiny Kase  asking me question after question, computing every detail of the audience. 

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