Kaysie Bekkela

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Tasty Snerk Skecktchfest 2017 Submission,staring my SC Conservatory classmates plus some, Featuring one of my favorite sketches I've ever written "Grip it and Rip It!" (it's the opening sketch). 


'Cago! Trailer episode #1

Some improv from The Comedy Show. 

More improv!

"A Day in the Park" from The Comedy Show. Written by Dan Sonenberg, Directed by Kaysie Bekkela. 

"Sex Ed"  from The Comedy Show .  Sketch written by Kaysie Bekkela, Directed by Daniella Mazzio

The final bit from The Comedy Show. Thank you Pepsi for all you do.  

The F Bomb's Musical number "Please Go Away" from their hoilday special 

F Bomb's first opening number from their completly made up msuical Bitch Perfect

Musical Number "Latte or Change" from Second City Writing Six Show Torn Identity