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I found this piece of gold hidden in my files...

A has a pop tart.


B: Hey

A: I got a poptart

B: I can see that

A: good


Love Texts to My Lover


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Hey. So I was at a party tonight. And I felt you in me. So I looked at my friend and was like, “I’m a little intoxicated.” She goes, “Yes you are. I like you intoxicated.” And I was like, “Me to.”


I’m drinking now. I’m a little drink.


I’m debating if I should finish this water or finish that bottle of wine I started last week.

My mom thinks I spend too much time with you. But I’m like, “that’s not even true.” She thinks I’m an alcoholic. But I don’t even have fun!

I have fun when I’m with you though. You just- I feel like wooh! Around you. I just tell people I love them. Yo, without you I would have never kissed that one guy. I feel like I don’t tell people how I feel often or let go often but you like encourage me.

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The Queen and The Jester 

This one of my favorite pieces I've ever written. It's a little bit older but it's still a good time.


We are at the Castle. The QUEEN sits in her throne, she is a drag queen, she is twiddling her hair. Her JESTER sits on the floor hitting the bells on his hat.

QUEEN: Jester, would you be so kind as to entertain me?

JESTER: Shall I do a nice jig around you?

QUEEN:  A horizontal jig?

JESTER: No ma’am An Irish one.

QUEEN: Perhaps. Let me see it.

JESTER begins his jig.  

JESTER: How’s this your majesty?

QUEEN: Your hat is poking me.

JESTER: My bad your majesty.

QUEEN: No, no. It’s fine. I don’t mind a poke or two.

JESTER: Yes your majesty.

JESTER dances close-ish to QUEEN so that his bells occasionally hit her.

QUEEN: You know I used to be called quite the lobster kettle in my day.

JESTER: Your majesty?

QUEEN: Not familiar with the phrase are you?

JESTER: No, your majesty. Has it anything to do with eating the sea creature?

QUEEN: Yes, in a way.

I hate to ask this of you, do you mind…tipping the velvet?

JESTER nods, walks over to the curtains and rips them down.


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That time I tried my hand at Criticism: The Goodman's Carlyle

The obvious hero of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is Will Smith. He’s cool. He’s bad. He’s trying to make his way in the world. It’s is a classic underdog story. Young boy from the bad streets of West Philadelphia leaves his neighborhood playground for the great wide Bel-Air. A truly classic American tale of assimilation. Boring! No one wants to hear another Will story. What the audience really wants, what they really need is the untold story of Carlton Banks! The story of a boy who doesn’t always fit in. A boy who wears khaki pants!  A boy born into riches! A true account of a black republican! A story never before told! Until now…

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Here's a scene I wrote for The Comedy Show  featuring one of my favorite characters, Aunt Margie!

In a class room  characters get into place as class starts.


Happy first day of sex ed! Name's Margie but you can call me Aunt Margie, everyone does. 

KID 1:

Yo. You gonna show us how condoms work?


Oh honey if you don't already know you're doing it wrong if you know what I'm saying. 

She goes for a high five. Doesn't get it. 


Slap it! 

Still no high five. 

Kid 2:

My mom says absentness is the best method of birth control and that it should be illegal to teach sex ed in school. And that you're a devil woman. 


Oh honey your mom isn’t the most innocent cow on the farm . if you know what I'm saying!!!


I hear that Margie!

Kid 3 goes for a high five. Margie takes it. 


He knows what I'm talking about.Alright you frisky freakydeaks let's get rolling!...That's what he said am I right?

Goes to get high five from Kid 1 or 2 doesn't get it. Goes for kid 3, get high five. It's an under the leg, low five. Kid 2 raises hand. 

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All rights reserved to Kaysie Bekkela , if you see something you like please contact the writer via her contact page